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Posted by Michelle Stalmok

Why You Should Choose Garden State Tile’s Glass Tile for Your Home

12-25-2015 | Posted by Michelle Stalmok

Glass tile mosaics or collages can add elegance and sophistication to any room. You can install them on your floor for a smooth finish or on your walls for a beautiful backsplash and style statement. Garden State Tile carries beautiful, unmatched glass tile mosaics to match the décor in any home. Unique Designs Garden State…

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Posted by Michelle Stalmok

Perfecting Wall Tiles

04-15-2014 | Posted by Michelle Stalmok

Although tiling is oftentimes found on the floor, you can also use tiling on your walls. However, tile applications are different between floor tiles and wall tiles. Regardless of the type of wall tile you choose to incorporate into your home, they will have the same type of tile applications since they are all designed…

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