Why You Should Choose Garden State Tile’s Glass Tile for Your Home

Friday, December 25, 2015 | Posted by Michelle Stalmok

Glass tile mosaics or collages can add elegance and sophistication to any room. You can install them on your floor for a smooth finish or on your walls for a beautiful backsplash and style statement. Garden State Tile carries beautiful, unmatched glass tile mosaics to match the décor in any home.

Unique Designs

Garden State Tile’s beautiful mosaics can be produced in the design and colors you desire. They offer bright, attractive color schemes that also reflect the light, making your tiles gleam. Garden State Tile also offers glass mosaics in blues, bronzes, silvers, golds, crèmes, and any color you want. You can choose designs such as checkers, rectangles, and shape collages. Their selection of glass tiles look polished and shining.

Surprising Durability

It may seem like glass tile would break easier than ceramic or glass, but Garden State Tile is ASTM tested to ensure that it can stand up to the force and weight of everyday living. It’s true that sharp, direct force such as hitting the tile with a hammer or dropping something extremely heavy from high up can cause it to chip, break, or crack, but the same result can happen with any type of flooring or backsplash.

Clean Look

Because of the many tiny tiles that go into Garden State Tile’s glass mosaics, it might seem like the tile would be hard to keep clean at all of the connecting points. However, because glass tiles are non-porous and don’t use absorbent grout to secure them, dirt doesn’t sink into the texture of the tile, keeping it clean. Garden State Tile’s mosaics also don’t stain and are water-tight, eliminating the risk for health concerns that mildew and mold can bring.

Versatility of Placement

While you can install glass tile as your flooring, Garden State Tile’s glass mosaics are perfect for your walls. They are great for fireplaces, living room accent walls, kitchen backsplashes, and bathrooms. Because they are air-tight and easy to keep clean, they stand up to any area in your house that sees a lot of dirt and abuse.

If you are looking for a way to spruce up and reduce the maintenance of the tiled areas in your home, check out Garden State Tile’s glass tile mosaics.